I’m a tech geek who likes to learn new things.

Mikael Roos TITLE: Chief Technical Officer CITY: Västerås STARTED AT SKYREX: 2022

What attracted me to Skyrex, was the possibility of building something completely new – an exciting product in an industry of the future. It feels a bit scary, but mostly fun. I like that I have a lot of responsibility, but at the same time the freedom to shape the work role as I want.

The atmosphere in the company is great! If you want to make a real difference, this is the right place to be. We’re an enthusiastic and competent team, with the common goal to succeed and solve every challenge on the way. For a person with the right attitude and drive, this is a fantastic opportunity.

In the fall of 2022, I was in charge of the groundbreaking project where we installed a wind turbine in Denmark, using the Salamander Quick Lift prototype crane. For me, this involved a lot of work with all the permissions and certifications. The installation was a success and proof that our solution really works – an important milestone for both us and our customers!

We are now busy finalizing the Skyrex crane for serial production. For me that means I’m busy with everything from planning and calculations to follow-up and CE markings.”

If I were to describe my professional strengths, I would say that I’m good at working closely with our customers and building trust in both the product and the company. I benefit from my previous experiences in widely different industries, at companies such as Autoliv, Packsize Technologies, Prose and Voith Hydro. Over time I have acquired a high level of technical knowledge that I put to good use on a daily basis.

As a person I’m a a tech geek who likes to learn new things. I just renovated my house, and I exercise a lot on my spare time. Besides that, I am a committed father to my two children, eleven and fourteen years old.

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