I’m a cheerful and down-to-earth designer.

Jakob Raza TITLE: Design Engineer CITY: Västerås STARTED AT SKYREX: 2022

I was attracted to Skyrex because it’s a young, greentech company breaking new ground. That’s an environment where I feel I can both contribute and develop as a design engineer. I can bring new ideas and solutions to the table and also learn from my skilled colleagues.

I like that Skyrex is a company with short decision paths and an organization that really listens. I can put my thoughts in the mix and through open-minded collaboration the team moves forward, developing our product through constant innovation.

Speaking of the product, I think it’s absolutely fascinating! By looking at things in a new way, Skyrex has come up with a truly gamechanging concept that will fill a great need on a large international market.

The challenges ahead are many and the way forward is not always straight, but that also makes it fun to go to work. I really enjoy being out in the field and taking part in our testing at Örnsköldsvik, working together to find the perfect solutions to tricky problems.

Work culture is really important to me and I’m happy to say that everyone who works here is committed, positive and talented and really passionate about our product.

When I’m not working, I love to exercise. I alternate running in the woods with strength training at the gym. Hiking is also close to my heart.

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I’m a cheerful and down-to-earth designer. Jakob Raza Design Engineer
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