I love working with green energy.

Kristina Reutermo TITLE: Chief Operating Officer CITY: Västerås STARTED AT SKYREX: 2022

What I see in Skyrex is a great opportunity to work with green energy and to be part of building something brand new. I have worked with industrial technology at large companies like Alfa Laval, Bombardier, Sandvik and Seco, but never with wind power and never at a company with so much energy and competence. Everyone is highly focused and determined to deliver a product that will revolutionize the wind power industry. This makes it a lot of fun to be at work.

My contribution is to build a close-knit team and set up an organization around quality, production, planning, purchase, environment, health, and safety. Until now, the focus has been on product development and tests. Going forward, I will be looking at the entire sales and serial production process towards the end customer delivery. I feel that my broad experience within the field of industrial technology in big organizations will be very helpful.

One challenge as we continue to develop the company is managing to hire enough talented colleagues and find partners that can grow with us. The plan is to continue the recruitment process and grow by more than 50% on a yearly basis for the next 3 years.

Since me and my family live on a small farm there’s always things to do in my spare time, like taking care of our family horses and our dog. Besides that, we also go skiing and dive together. All four of us have a diving certificate and I love that we have common interests in the family.

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