I stay focused even when there’s a lot going on.

Johanna Ekstedt TITLE: Procurement manager CITY: Västerås STARTED AT SKYREX: 2022

My first impression of Skyrex was of an entrepreneur-driven company that truly believes in its product and this attracted me very much.

The Skyrex technology will mean a lot to the wind power industry. We are offering a product for the future. It’s so fun to experience this exciting journey, going from a project to a commercial company. A company with incredible drive and innovative thinking.

I really like to be part of a company that is growing every day. After only six months as a purchaser at the company, I was offered a management role. A great opportunity to grow in my work role and get much more responsibility.

Being a procurement manager involves problem solving, as well as communication with partners and suppliers. I work closely with the construction department and ensure that deadlines are met. As a person I am structured and work efficiently and focused even if there’s a lot happening at the same time. Going forward I will work strategically with our partners and develop processes for purchasing. Good cooperation with our partners is crucial, since they are the ones who manufacture the parts for the crane based on our design. I love to be in charge of building this department.”

Skyrex is truly a company that allows people to develop their skills, and every employee has a key role in the business. Innovation is in focus and we have a lot of fun together at work. There is no Monday anxiety here.

When I’m not working I read a lot of books and all kinds of genres! When I have time, I also write reviews for book publishers. My four-year-old daughter, my partner and our cat mean everything to me. We spend a lot of time enjoying various activities with family and friends.

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