Reaching higher while cutting cost and emissions

The positve effect of the Skyrex technology on the development of wind power cannot be overstated. All at once, taller and more powerful wind turbines can be installed in more inaccessible locations in a much shorter time with reduced CO2 emissions and environmental impact.


How we make a difference

We provide the wind turbine industry with a patented state-of-the-art crane system ready to break previous barriers and reach new heights – in a safe, more efficient, less resource-intensive and even more sustainable way. This is made possible by an innovation built on a modular platform that allows you to access hub heights up to 200 meters and lift 150 metric tons. With smart solutions we streamline and simplify every part of the process with the main mission to make the wind power industry fully sustainable.

  • Opens up construction of taller and more powerful wind turbines
  • Enables installation in more inaccessible locations
  • Dramatically reduces operational time and cost for both installation and maintenance
  • Increases safety during construction
  • Increases uptime during installation by being less sensitive to wind
  • Reduces heavy transports by 75%
  • Cuts CO2 emissions by 75%
  • Enables smaller pads and less civil work requirements

Unique and patented

When we studied the traditional construction method used for wind turbines, it struck us that there must be a smarter way of doing it. The concept we subsequently developed is based on the tower itself playing a key role in the process. Although primarily based on proven technology, the Skyrex solution involves an innovation that is covered by patents.

The crane is modular, making it scalable and able to handle all hub heights. High strength steel minimises weight and a new top crane design enables higher and heavier lifting. The Skyrex crane can successfully be used for installation as well as maintenance of both new and legacy wind turbines.

And all this is not just theory. Full-scale testing of the Salamander QuickLift prototype was successfully carried out at the Skyrex Test & Training Center in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden during 2022. At a site in Denmark in late 2022, we carried out the first commercial installation to full satisfaction.


Skyrex streamlines the process.

The Skyrex lifting solution introduces a new standard for installing, maintaining and decommissioning wind turbines. For one thing, it substantially reduces the overall project cost for new installations and the cost for service jobs on new and legacy installations. Hardstand and civil work requirements are also reduced, which in turn limits the environmental impact.

The construction process is based on assembly at ground level. Using a base frame with a jack-up press, the Skyrex crane is erected in segments from the ground up, while clinging to the tower as it is being built. An important result of this is that the crane is less wind sensitive, which ensures more uptime. Furthermore, the connection of tower segments is both quicker and smoother than before. The entire process has become more sustainable and can be completely powered by electricity or in part via a hybrid system.


Minimising heavy transports.

The Skyrex concept is widely efficient reducing the need for heavy transports by 75%, cutting CO2 emissions to an equal extent. The loading of components is quick and safe and all transports are below 4 meters in height. The container dimensions ensure smooth transport by sea. All in all, Skyrex means that transport, deployment, relocation and dismantling becomes considerably more cost-effective and sustainable compared to conventional methods.


Exploring new ground.

The Skyrex solution creates completely new opportunities when it comes to finding sites for wind turbines. Thanks to the new construction principle, smaller auxiliary cranes can be used on site, which means the area that needs to be cleared is also much smaller. Furthermore, the streamlined logistics with more easily transported crane segments, require maximum 25 trailers instead of the 60 or many more that are used for continental cranes. All this means that access roads don’t have to support as heavy traffic and that less accessible sites are now within reach.


Greatly reducing the
environmental impact

Skyrex makes wind power even more sustainable by increasing its efficiency and output, but also by reducing the overall environmental impact drastically. The need for heavy transports is reduced by 75%, cutting CO2 emissions to the same extent. Also, the local environment is less affected by site and access road construction. The installation process can be powered by 100% electricity. As a consequence of all this, the transition to wind power as a sustainable energy source is boosted, which of course is the greatest environmental benefit that Skyrex is contributing to.