If you have the
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you’ll fit right in.

Do you want to be part of a fast-growing, innovative and green technology company within the wind turbine industry? Apply below to join our growing team.

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No open positions at the moment.

Meet the Skyrexers

We’re a quickly growing team of innovators who believe dedicated people can find new ways of using technology that will make the world a better place. Being pioneers, we are happy working together in a very dynamic engineering environment. Every day comes with new challenges and possibilities, as we continue to set new standards in a mature industry. If this sounds good to you, come join us on our quest to release the full potential of wind power and contribute to a more sustainable society.

Get to know the team

I’m a cheerful and down-to-earth designer. Jakob Raza Design Engineer
I’m a tech geek who likes to learn new things. Mikael Roos Chief Technical Officer
I stay focused even when there’s a lot going on. Johanna Ekstedt Procurement manager
I love working with green energy. Kristina Reutermo Chief Operating Officer
It was too exciting to say no to this chance! Jakob Fyhrman Design Engineer Manager

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