It was too exciting to say no to this chance!

Jakob Fyhrman TITLE: Design Engineer Manager CITY: Västerås STARTED AT SKYREX: 2022

The chance to work at Skyrex was too exciting to turn down. I was really attracted by the new, unique product and the opportunity to be involved at an early stage. Developing a crane that can revolutionize the wind power industry feels incredibly cool.

My long experience with steel structures at MacGregor is a great strength here at Skyrex. You could say that construction, resource planning and supplier and customer contacts are in my blood.

There’s a lot of work ahead, but it’s all very inspiring. And it’s an honor to share the journey with this team of dedicated people, who are passionate about our product and what it can do.

This is a company with short decision-making processes and a common drive forward. If you have an idea, it’s usually just a matter of going for it. That culture is very helpful when going from prototype to serial production in a short time, which is both difficult and demanding. The big challenge is to collect all experiences – both good and bad – and make adjustments resulting in a technical solution that works in practice.

With three children at home, I am never idle. The family’s shared hobbies are downhill skiing in the winter and boating in the summer. As soon as I have time, I’m also in my workshop tinkering with something. I recently built an electric go-kart from scratch. As a child, I couldn’t help but take things apart to see how they were designed, everything from alarm clocks to radios. Over time I also learned to put things back together. So it’s easy to understand why I became a Master of Science in mechanical engineering.

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It was too exciting to say no to this chance! Jakob Fyhrman Design Engineer Manager

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