Successful installation in Denmark

Skyrex has reached the last milestone – installing a wind turbine tower with the CE marked prototype crane in Viborg, Denmark. It is an important last milestone for the Salamander Quick Lift proving that the concept now is ready to be launched for commercial use.

“The installation was nothing less than a success and a big reward to the team and all our partners that have been working very intensely with the concept since 2019. Special thanks to Vestas Wind Systems A/S that made this possible and for an excellent teamwork. Finally we can continue the discussions with our stakeholders from the industry. “The journey has just begun”, says Marcus Dahlinder, CEO at Skyrex.

Production of the first series is planned to start up in the beginning of 2023 with delivery of cranes to the customer by the end of 2023. All production will be done by Swedish suppliers. Assembly and final quality assurance including training will be done at the company’s facilities in Västerås and Örnsköldsvik.

About Salamander Quick Lift
Skyrex has developed the Salamander Quick Lift Crane Technology featuring a new crane design for the wind industry that will enable heavy lifts on hub heights well beyond 200 meters. The technology consists of moveable platforms that make the crane less wind sensitive when in operation, in combination with a jack-up system at ground level for safer and faster erection of the crane. In addition, the concept provides a quick decommissioning and by that significantly speeds up the installation time and reduces the cost. An efficient and smart base solution at the bottom of the crane this also enables smaller pads than when using conventional cranes.

The Salamander Quick Lift Crane Technology can be used for both installation and maintenance of legacy, current and future turbines. This innovative concept is based on proven technology. The Salamander Quick Lift will reduce the transports and CO2 emissions by 75 percent as well as shorten the total installation time.

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